<heading>«NEW YEAR PROGRAMS»</heading><introtext>Theatrical interactive shows

«NEW YEAR PROGRAMS» Theatrical interactive shows  ...
<heading>«CHILDREN PROGRAMS»</heading><introtext>Theatrical interactive show productions
«CHILDREN PROGRAMS» Theatrical interactive show productions  ...
<heading>«FIRE SHOW»</heading><introtext>fire and pyrotechnics show...</introttext>
«FIRE SHOW» fire and pyrotechnics show...
<heading>«LIFE-SIZED PUPPETS»</heading><introtext>Theatrical interactive shows

«LIFE-SIZED PUPPETS» Theatrical interactive shows  ...
<heading>«OTHER SERVICES»</heading><introtext>Performing shows on concerts, festivals, weddings and jubilees
«OTHER SERVICES» Performing shows on concerts, festivals, weddings and jubilees  ...
<heading>«LIGHT SHOW»</heading><introtext>Theatrical interactive shows

«LIGHT SHOW» Theatrical interactive shows  ...

Welcome to the website of Madhura show-theatrе!

Captivating theatrical light show productions;
LED show of life-sized puppets - the heroes of different cultures of the world (Japan, China, India, Europe, etc.);
Fascinating interactive children's programs, targeted to any age (from 2 years);
Pyrotechnic shows and fireworks;
Performing on luxury corporate events and concert show programs;
Company and product presentations.